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Caregiver Coaching

Empowering caregivers to support speech and language development

Coaching sessions provide an opportunity to have your questions answered one-on-one with a licensed speech-language pathologist. These sessions are designed for parents and caregivers to support speech and language development in your child’s home environment. Feel free to choose one of our SensationALL topics below or pick your own! Coaching sessions are not therapy sessions, so your child does not need to be present when chatting with us. Unsure about a topic or just have some questions before beginning our coaching sessions? Give us a call to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation!

  • Coaching sessions are 30 or 45 minutes long live via Zoom
  • Contact via email to schedule; [email protected]
  • Coaching sessions are intended for informational purposes only. These sessions should not replace or be considered medical advice.
  • Information and materials provided during consultations are intended for educational purposes only.
  • Coaching sessions are not covered by insurance. Coaching sessions are not therapy sessions. All consulting services are non-refundable.

Virtual Playroom Consultation

Virtual Mealtime Coaching

Playtime Coaching

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