sensationall kids

Where Words Set Sail

We are so excited to introduce our new SensationALL Sprouts program. This program was designed for our kiddos ages 2-3 to help with early learning and socialization. Your little ones will embark on a journey of fun-filled adventures, while simultaneously developing their speech and language skills.

Our team of skilled speech therapists are dedicated to creating a nurturing environment where toddlers can thrive. We focus on exploration, readiness, and curiosity-driven learning, which are essential elements in preparing children for preschool.

Join us on this magical journey as your little ones discover the joy of communication, making new friends, and building a strong foundation for their future. Let's create treasured moments together, where chatter and laughter light up their world!

Children embark on a linguistic adventure guided by skilled speech and language therapists. We focus on cultivating expressive and receptive language skills through interactive activities, imaginative storytelling, and playful communication experiences. Every day is a new opportunity to navigate the seas of speech and language, fostering confident communication and friendships along the way!

A playful and creative spin on learning from a speech therapist's perspective