"What a wonderful experience both my children have at SensationALL! You won’t find a more caring, helpful staff. My children have made wonderful progress with their help. The kids look forward to going to their weekly sessions. Lauren, Allie and all of the therapists are so eager to offer me suggestions to use at home too! Such an amazing place!"


"My son has been attending this facility for a little over two years. The therapists are knowledgeable and passionate. The atmosphere is very welcoming and my son loves coming here. They accept many insurances. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else."


"I highly recommend SensationALL kids! My son started three years ago, at this point he was nonverbal at the age of 3 1/2. He was getting early intervention at home and never progressed and then I brought him here and Miss Allie and Miss Lauren evaluated him and hit the nail on the head and worked on exactly what my son needed to start to get his words out! They have one on one & group speech therapy with an awesome sensory gym they get to enjoy! He is now 6 years old and he is made tremendous progress not only with talking he is now starting to read! I am so grateful that we found this place that my son looks forward to going and adores all the people that work with him along with the wonderful children that he gets to interact with!"


"My son has been going to SensationALL Kids for almost two years and I can’t say enough great things about them. He started out saying basic words and I can now have full conversations with him thanks to their amazing team of Speech Therapists! Each therapist that my son has worked with has been so caring towards him and has developed a strong rapport with both him and I. He looks forward to going there each week. They make speech therapy enjoyable for all ages and give parents tips on how to help their child at home, which I appreciate. I highly recommend SensationAll Kids!!"


"My son was super shy, and barely speaking when he started at SensationALL Kids with ms Lauren. The past year he has flourished way beyond what I could have imagined. He's speaking so much more now. He's even able to start making sentences and asking for what he wants. He loves going to see Ms. Jessica and asks for her for the entire car ride there. My son wouldn't have made the amount of progress he has without the help of sensational kids! I would recommend a million times over !! They truly are the BEST!!!!!"


"My children have made such tremendous progress with these girls. I absolutely adore them! They always go above and beyond!"


"I can’t say enough about these wonderful ladies!!! They put their heart and soul into what they do. This place is a second home to my son and he makes so much progress each week because of these girls. They are the best!!"


"We have been going to Sensation since they first open. We honestly have no words to describe our appreciation for the work they do and how much love and dedication they put into it. We have seen so much improvement in our daughter. They care so much about each child and the progress they make. They are very accommodating, friendly and always willing to help. We love you guys!"


"They are flexible, punctual, and wonderfully creative! My son’s experience has been phenomenal. My son has apraxia and very behavioral and somehow they’ve managed to reach him. The staff is professional, compassionate, and determined to produce exceptional results."


"My son has been going to Sensationally kids for about a year and we have been so happy with his progress. He loves working with the therapists and he is excited to go every time. The staff is wonderful and they make it fun and enjoyable for the kids. I always see happy kids going in and coming out of the room!"


"My son has been going to SensationALL Kids for almost 2 years now. When he first started he was 2, and wasn't speaking the way a 2-year-old should. He used his hands to express what he wanted to say. Now he is speaking soo much and it is because of the speech therapists at SensationALL Kids. They are devoted and caring. They love their jobs and their clients. My son loves going there every week. Thank you SensationALL Kids!"


"This place is amazing. They are so good at teaching through play. My daughter loves going there. She has learned so much from her speech therapists. Every therapist that we have worked with is excellent. My favorite part is that at the end of each session the therapist will take a minute to let the parent know how the session went. It's so nice having progress reports after each visit."


"We have been at SensationALL KIDS for some time now and my daughters love it! All the therapists are sweet and passionate. My daughters have shown such outstanding progress. We are truly so happy to be apart of this program. I highly recommend SensationALL Kids."


"All the Therapists are fantastic.. my son is going here for speech.. and loves to go! He has so much fun while putting in the work!!"


"My daughter, who is 2 1/2, has been going to SensationALL Kids for a little less than a year. When she first started, she used a lot of noises to communicate and very few words, most of which we did not understand. Since she has been going there, she is a non-stop talker. She has since stopped making noises to communicate and is easier to understand when talking. The therapists there are very knowledgeable and knew what would work for my daughter. They even gave me techniques to work on at home with her. The therapists are so nice, even the ones my daughter doesn’t see, and the atmosphere is so welcoming. Every car ride there my daughter tells me “I’m so excited”! I am so pleased with her progress and very happy with our decision to attend SensationALL Kids!"


"My eldest son was 2 years old, not speaking at all and barely made eye contact when he started at SensationALL Kids. Ms. Lindsey has worked with him from day 1 and I am so grateful for the bond and connection she shares with him. My son is 4 now, speaking full sentences and interactive with his peers. His little brother (now 2) also attends SensationALL Kids and has improved tremendously. The therapists are very patient and professional. After each session, they give you a run down of what was done, how the child responded and what can be carried over at home or school. I am fortunate to have found this program and recommend it to anyone."


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